MAC – Warm Neutrals palette review.

Hi guys! I know I said I wouldn’t be updating until the 26th but my MAC palette arrived in the post today and I couldn’t wait two weeks to blog this! The reason I decided to wait until the 26th to blog was because my camera is broken and I am super busy over the holidays, so the pictures included in this blog are taken from my phone. I’m sorry for the bad quality. :/ xx


Trying to be fancy with the Christmas lights. Ha x

The MAC Eye shadow X15: Warm Neutral is available to purchase at 



For £65 – $85 *

The MAC Warm Neutral palette is perfect for warm undertones (hence the name) and contains many of MAC’s famous eye shadows. There is a variety of finishes throughout the shades from ‘Matte’ to ‘Veluxe Pearl’. I personally prefer the Warm palette to the cool palette because I find the Warm to be more versatile, for example.. a small amount of creative copper, would be suitable for a daytime look, with a natural approach, and awesome for a party/night time look. The shadows are super pigmented and blend really nicely. Also I feel like they put effort into making sure that the colours accentuate each other well, and even though there are only 15 shades, there are endless ways to create new looks. These eye shadows can be applied in many ways, may it be your finger, a brush or a sponge applicator (whatever works best for you!) the results will always be flawless.

Overall, I think that MAC Eye shadows are super good quality, and could be classed as a luxury gift for Christmas. Even though some products are quite pricey they are long lasting, applied evenly across the lid and super pigmented. I would rate the MAC Warm Neutrals Eye Palette 5/5, and the palette can be a nice treat for family, friends or even yourself!

Right then, I hope you enjoyed reading my first proper blog post. I’m off to dye my hair (hopefully it doesn’t fall out after how many times I’ve bleached it).

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it,



*Would anyone be interested in anything other that beauty related posts? eg.  ‘My Top 5 Favourite Books/Movies/Songs.. ‘ 

*I also plan on doing a piercing post Late December/Early January, so if that’s something your interested in let me know (I have an Industrial/Scaffold piercing, recently pierced). 

Feel free to contact me at    🙂 x



*As much as I love MAC products, they have stated they do test on animals if mandatory, as a vegetarian it is NOT something I support but it is super hard to find decent beauty products that don’t test on animals.


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