My Seven Favourite Things About Christmas | 12 Days Of Blogmas | Day 1 |

I thought I’d kick things off with my Seven Favourite things about Christmas!

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  1. The Weather

I love to wake up at 7 and it still be super dark, I love to put the heating on timer in the  night for the next day. I love to snuggle with my cats (because I’m a loner) under a warm blanket. AND THE SNOW! I love the memories of playing out in the snow wearing multiple coats and a woolly hat. At the end of the day I would run into the house convinced that I  had frostbite and all my toes were going to fall off!

  1. Family and Friends

  I love the last few days of school, all hyped up for Christmas and exchanging cards and gifts with your closest friends, I love going for dinner at my grandparents house on Christmas day, spending time with the whole family, the conversation always had the same turn out every year, we’d laugh, share some nostalgic memories and always leave after someone became offended by the banter. (Obviously we always get over it, we’re family they’re just petty arguments, Ha!) But I mostly love the warmth of my grandparents                    house, filled with singing decorations that have been passed through generations, the tree and the smell of Grandma’s cooking.  🙂  

        3.  Chocolate and treats

   As someone who is a big fan of sweets and baked goods, Christmas is the perfect excuse for eating chocolate. No one will judge you because they will also be eating lots of crap :). And I love chocolate! 

  1. Fairy Lights

  I have fairy lights up all year round so as soon as it hits November you can only imagine what my room looks like, basically, my room looks like the sky on November 5th.

  1. Ice Skating

  I’m actually alright at skating, I can’t do crazy spins and all that jazz but I can move without falling so I class that as ‘alright’. I love the atmosphere in an ice rink at Christmas, it’s as simple as that! 🙂

  1.  Frosted Cinnamon 

   Honestly, best smelling Christmas candle ever! I bought it at a shop in town and I can’t find I it to buy it again anywhere! 😦

  1. Gingerbread 

 I love gingerbread men more than I love chocolate. And there is nothing I need to add to that statement. 


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