An Apology and a Kitten.

Hey guys!

I’m sorry I haven’t posted since December and that I totally flaked out of blogmas but things have been pretty hectic recently..

My grandfather got sick in December but recently got the all clear from cancer which honestly, I am so grateful for. Cancer sucks and so did the start of 2016. I lost two of my greatest role models.. Alan Rickman, David Bowie and then Harper Lee! I needed time to mourn.

On another note, I got a Kitten for Christmas. His name is Jimmy Darling 😉 (Who’s excited for AHS S6?) and he is the cutest little fluff ball in the world, sorry the picture is blurry but Jimmy is super hyper at all times and it’s hard to get a picture of him – and yes that is blindspot, hah..

FullSizeRender (6)

Anyway once again I am so sorry I haven’t posted in a while I promise the posts will be more regular and next month I am going to America for the first time so that should be fun to blog about!

See you soon




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