the library of fragrance – review

I’m going to be honest here. I’ve tried many colognes from The Library Of Fragrance and I haven’t found one that’s name matches it’s scent until now..

I decided to start spring smelling beautiful! Wet Garden is now officially my scent of Spring 2016, the perfume is only £15 (+shipping) for 30ml. I am the worst for describing scents but Wet Garden is just so floral and fresh, you know when you smell flowers in real life?  It smells just like that!

Nothing about the scent seems artificial, and if I close my eyes it is almost like I am outside after a rainy  day with the earthy smell lingering and the flowers blooming ready for Easter.

I told you I was a bad scent describer.. so I am going to add in the description from the website ( );

“Our Wet Garden takes place at Easter, full of early spring flowers, including the distinctive scent of hyacinth, young shoots, leaves and buds, after a hard April rain shower. It is the combination of the scents of those flowers, the rain and the oils from the rich spring soil that comprise this fragrance – one of the most complex in the Library – but one that remains accessible, understandable and eminently wearable.”

Honestly, I would just check out the sight because they have so many amazing and hilarious scents from Pizza to Pixie Dust and even though not all of them smell the best, they are great gifts!

FullSizeRender (7).jpg

Please check out The Library of Fragrance

See you soon,



– I realised earlier that I’ve never reviewed any drug store products so expect that soon.


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